Here the answer is no. GEMA does not create such documents so far.

The point is that you as the owner, always have to pay GEMA - per square meter. This is about how many customers will listen to the music tracks/artists, and then how much money GEMA has to pay the artists as remuneration.

Soundsuit also pays GEMA, but not the per square meter fee like gyms do. Instead, it depends on how many songs we stream in parallel to our customers, and the artist of the songs. For example, if we stream songs from the artist Rihanna 30 times a day to 5000 locations, the artist will then receive a high level of fees from GEMA that were funded by Soundsuit.

Whether you play Soundsuit or a radio station is irrelevant to GEMA. GEMA also receives the fees due from radio stations, and then passes them on to artists. In both cases (radio station or soundsuit), your GEMA fee per square meter must be paid by you.

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