Discover the Future: Our new App! Discover the Future: Our new App!

Discover the Future: Our new App!

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz


Create your own brand-tailored Stations. 

A station is a continuous music stream created by our AI, just like a radio station, with the exception that you can skip songs that you don’t like. Create your own station by using tags like mood, music genres, and target audience to tailor it to your brand. On contrary to a playlist, in a station, the number of songs to be played is infinite. No time needed from your side to update it. Our AI ill do it weekly for you.

Our AI already created  6 custom stations adapted to your preferences in the new Soundsuit app. To create more stations or modify these 6 first ones, simply log with your Soundsuit account to the new Soundsuit Admin Dashboard, and go the tab "Stations". A new era of brand-tailored music has started for you.



Multi-room music management made easy.


In the new Soundsuit app, you can now select different music streams corresponding to different music zones inside your location. Play then a different music direction in each zone. Easily switch between these different muic streams and control them.

To define different music streams/zones, just log into the new Soundsuit Admin Dashboard and go the tab "Music Zones". Create different zones and assign the station of your choice to each zone.

Concretely, for instance as a hotel manager, you could set up a stream/zone "Hotel Lobby" and a stream/zone "Hotel Bar". then attach the Station "Lounge Beats" to the zone "Lobby", and the Station "Upbeat Feel" to the zone "Bar". And with the new Soundsuit app, let your team connect to the right stream according to where their device is located in the hotel, so that they can play the right music station. 

The new Soundsuit app makes it easy for you to manage multiple music streams/zones within your one location. A new era of multi-room music control starts now. 


Limit the music control of your staff.


With the new Soundsuit Admin Dashboard and the new new Soundsuit app, it now easy to limit the music control given to your local staff. Simply allocate a limited (or unique) number of Stations to each music streams you define.

Doing so, when an employee of yours logs in the Soundsuit app, he will  only see and be able to play the the music you authorise for/in the music stream/zone where he is located. A new era of music control for your multiple business locations and spaces starts now.

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