Background music for virtual business events Background music for virtual business events

Background music for virtual business events

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This article covers the situation when you need a music service to play background music in:

  • a virtuel workshop
  • a virtuel meetup
  • a virtual seminar (Webinar)
  • a virtual conference
  • a virtual trade-show

We simply group these business situations under the name of "virtual business events".

Virtual business events could take place with a limited group of guests (i.e. customers, employees, visitors, etc.) or with an open (not limited) group of guests. They can be free of charge (i.e. no entrance fee) or paying events.

In terms of licensing, virtual business events work just like physical business events. The only difference is the licensing you will have to get from your local Performing Right Organisation (e.g. GEMA for Germany, BMI/ASCAP/SESAC/GMR for USA, PRS-PPL for UK, etc.):

  • events with paying entrance will have a higher license fee
  • events with a larger group of participants will also have a higher license fee (as you also pay more licensing when you have a 3000 square meter mall compared to a 100 square meter cafe)

Please refer to this list of Performing Right Organisations if you do not know the one(s) relevant for your country.

The music in these virtual business events really needs to be used as background music, not as "forefront" music like in a fitness class or in a disco/club party, where music  plays a central predominant role. Forefront music for gym classes or club dancing require very special licensing.

The last thing you need to play music in virtual business events is a music provider licensed for business use of music. Soundsuit is a B2B music service fully licensed to be used in retail, hospitality and business events.

For example, SAP is a customer of Soundsuit when it comes to playing tailored music in their physical as well as virtual conferences.


When you register an account with Soundsuit, we provide you with a private URL address that streams exactly the music mix that you defined in your Soundsuit app (including also the music schedule function). Many virtual event platforms such as

  • Livestorm
  • ClickMeeting
  • BigMarker
  • Zoom
  • Zoom Video Webinar
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Airmeet
  • Zoho Meeting
  • etc

offer an option to add a music source (in form of a streaming URL) and to use this stream as background music during the virtual business event.


Learn more about adding background music to your live stream event in this article: How to play legal music over your Live Stream on Zoom.


You can register a Soundsuit test account for a 30 day free trial by filling this online form.

Then simply contact us at to get your personal streaming URL.

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