Business impact of tailored music Business impact of tailored music

Business impact of tailored music

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz
How the right music impacts your customer experience, customer loyalty, revenue and employee motivation.

1. The right music impacts customer experience


  • 91% of in-store customers are influenced by the right music while shopping.
  • 70% of store managers see customers more relaxed, staying longer due to right music.
  • 86% of customers say that the right music adds to atmosphere, and influences their purchase decisions.

2. The right music impacts sales and revenue


  • 9% of sales increase in restaurants due to guest-centric music (compared to random music)
  • 32% of sales increase in retail stores due to the on-brand music
  • 39% of sales increase in supermarkets due to the slower customer-centric music
  • 50% of customers spend more time in a shop that plays the customer-centric music


3. The right music impacts your customer loyalty


  • 70% of customers prefer businesses which play music
  • 80% of customers say music has a positive effect on them
  • 40% of customers choose where they eat and how often they go back based on the music played by the location


4. The right music impacts employee motivation


  • 74% of employees enjoy going to work more when the right music is being played
  • 30% of employees are less likely to take time off sick when the right music is played in their workplace


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