Why does Soundsuit cost a bit more than Spotify, Apple and others? Why does Soundsuit cost a bit more than Spotify, Apple and others?

Why does Soundsuit cost a bit more than Spotify, Apple and others?

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz


To be broadcasted to a larger audience like customers in a store or a restaurant, music does need to be licensed for commercial use. This music – licensed for commercial use – is sold at a higher price to B2B music providers like Soundsuit. The larger the audience listening to the music work of artists, the higher the copyrights the artists get. This is absolutely logical and fair for the artists. Consequently Soundsuit pays high copyright fees to artists to be allowed to broadcast their music to large audiences in businesses. These high copyright fees are reflected in the selling price of Soundsuit.


B2C music services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Napster, Apple Music and others are only licensed for private use, e.g. at home or in a car, by an individual person and his family. These mainstream music services pay copyright fees to artists limited to this private use, for an audience of 1 person. The fees are really low. This is why artists regularly and openly complain in the press about the unfair compensation themes ruled by Spotify and others. Because of these low compensation fees to artists, mainstream platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and others are able to keep their subscription fee around $10 per month.


When you pay your Soundsuit B2B music subscription a higher price than a B2C music subscription, you in fact help compensating artists fairly for the larger audience to which their music work is played to. And you also pay for the advanced smart technologies that Soundsuit engineers developed to be able to get a perfectly tailored music atmosphere for your business, while enjoying an intelligent mood scheduling. Easy, legal, fair to artists, and smart – these are the benefits of using Soundsuit!

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