Soundsuit music stops playing on my Windows device Soundsuit music stops playing on my Windows device

Soundsuit music stops playing on my Windows device

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz

To quickly solve the issue, please follow the steps we describe here:


1. Compatibility Mode

Change the Compatibility Mode Settings for the Soundsuit App in Windows. Uncheck the option in the executable's Properties. Also, make sure you check this option if it's unchecked as the problem can be resolved both ways.


2. Check Network and Restart Your Router

The “Soundsuit keeps pausing” error could also be related to your network, you should check the network cables and routers at first. You need to make sure that the cables are in the right place. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can restart your router. If this doesn’t work, move to the next solutions.


3.Sign out the Account

Then, you can try to sign out the account from all the devices. And log in again, but only on your laptop or PC having issues with the streaming.


4. Disable Battery and Power Saving Mode

The last method for you is to disable battery and power saving mode.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Battery.

Step 2: Tap the menu button and select Battery optimization.

Step 3: Open the dropdown menu at the top and select All apps.

Step 4: Select the Soundsuit app and choose Don’t Optimize.


5. Screen off mode

Please try to set the screen off mode to never. This new setting may result in a much higher degree of battery use—something that we don't wish for of course. But it could help solve the issue.


The good news is that a fix for this is in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. With this update playback on Soundsuit can continue while the screen is off to conserve your battery power. While you might not have this update yet, you can update Windows manually by going here: The music will, however, stop when your computer goes to sleep. You can control the sleep settings in the Power & sleep settings. 


6. Power & sleep settings

Make sure that your Power & Sleep settings are defined in a way that your computer or laptop will not go to sleep when you want it to keep your Chrome or Edge or Firefox or Opera browser running to stream Soundsuit music.

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