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Here you can learn how to use Soundsuit together with Alexa or Amazon Echo!


Connect Soundsuit with Alexa & Amazon Echo


No B2B music streaming service is yet listed on Amazon Apps. Only the B2C services are. We hope that this will change very soon.

In between, you can still stream Soundsuit music suing our partner app TuneIn.

TuneIn is listed as an audio service on Amazon apps, and works perfectly with Alexa and Echo speakers!

This is how you stream Soundsuit music with Alexa & Echo via TuneIn:

1. Open the Alexa App on your device (smartphone, tablet or desktop)

2. Navigate in the menu: Settings -> Accounts -> Music and Media -> Music Services


3. Copy the personalized Soundsuit URL address that you got from the Soundsuit support team (if you did not receive it, simply request it at

4. Paste the URL into TuneIn and save the URL as a favorite.

Now how do you listen to TuneIn with Amazon Alexa?

To listen to TuneIn with Amazon Alexa now, you don’t have to do much. Just say: Alexa, play “favourite radio station” and she will confirm your wish with the announcement: “Favourite radio station” from TuneIn.

“Favourite radio station” is in this case a placeholder for the radio station of your choice. Here Soundsuit !!!

If you change your playlist settings now in the Soundsuit app (e.g. business type, customer age group, etc.) the Soundsuit music on ECHO will automatically adopt your new Soundsuit settings – starting with the third next title.

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