Compatible streaming devices Compatible streaming devices

Compatible streaming devices

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz

Soundsuit requires no specific hardware, media player or streaming device. But if you wish or need to use such a device, we guide you through.


1. End-user streamers


Stream Soundsuit music from your device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) over a wireless streaming adapter. A wireless streaming adapter is a small device that you connect to your current audio system to make it wireless and internet-enabled.
You will find different models and prices from reliable consumer brands such as:
Yamaha | Teufel | Hama | Bose | Arcam | IFI | Denon | Bluesound | etc.
You will simply cast over the air Soundsuit music, from the Soundsuit app (desktop, smartphone, tablet) to the streamer using Apple AirPlay 2 or Google Cast Audio.

But you may prefer opting for a fully professional streaming device offering extended feature set such as:

  • automatic turn on and switch off function at programmable times
  • scheduling of audio jingles at set times
  • extended buffering of the music stream to cope with internet downtimes
  • Fallback playlist in case of internet downtimes.
The Soundsuit Player is a commercial-grade streaming device offering all these benefits. Please find more details in the paragraph 2. here below.

2. The Soundsuit Player, a commercial grade streaming device


Soundsuit offers a professional streaming device, the "Soundsuit Player". Plug the Soundsuit Player to the amplifier of your corded sound system, and stream Soundsuit 24/7 hassle free.




Find more about the Soundsuit Player here.



3. Internet radio receivers


If you own an Internet Radio Receiver – with the functionality to add private radio URL to your pre-defined list of internet radios – you can use it to stream Soundsuit.


Contact Soundsuit by email ( and get within 48 hours a personalized (private) URL address for your Soundsuit account to enter in your receiver. From this private URL you will stream the Soundsuit music stream as you defined it on your web player in terms of settings (e.g. business type, customer target group, mood, etc.).


Manufacturers like Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, etc. offer semi-professional Internet Radio Receivers that could be use reliably used in a demanding business context (i.e. 10 hours a day or more, 6 days a week or more, 340 days a year or more).


4. Sonos systems

You can read how to connect Soundsuit to your Sonos system in this article.



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