Control Soundsuit music on Sonos using the Sonos app

You can add Soundsuit as a music service on Sonos and then listen to your Soundsuit personalized music stream. Within the Sonos App (or controller), you can then easily control your Soundsuit music:

  • select between the different Soundsuit Mood
  • play the selected mood
  • skip a song
  • pause a song
  • like the song
  • ban/block the song

To set up and customize the Soundsuit music stream played on Sonos, think of the Soundsuit app (and your music settings) as a configurator for your Sonos system:

  • Open the Soundsuit app
  • Change the settings you want, e.g. customer age, business type, customer life-style, etc.
  • Then wait for about three tracks to play on Sonos and the Soundsuit music stream on your Sonos will automatically play according to your newly defined settings.

Control Soundsuit music on Sonos using directly the Soundsuit app

a) If you use an Android device


Unfortunately, you cannot control the Soundsuit music on Sonos directly from your Android device. Sonos does not support the Google Cast (Chromecast audio) technology.


b) If you use a Windows computer


You can connect the Soundsuit Desktop App for Windows directly to your Sonos speakers. No need for the Sonos app here!

Just follow the simple steps described in this article: Windows Network Share and Sonos.

c) If you use an Apple device


You can then use Apple AirPlay 2 technology to connect the Soundsuit iOS app or Soundsuit Desktop app for Mac OS directly to your Sonos speakers. No need for the Sonos app here!


1. Connect your Sonos system to the same WiFi network as your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

2. Open the Soundsuit app on your device.

3. Click on the “Airplay” icon. The button is on the mobile app, or in the menu bar on Mac.


4. A pop-up window will open. Select the Sonos speakers of your choice from the list.

Soundsuit sonos airplay2


5. Soundsuit music now plays on your Sonos speakers. You’re done!



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