This method of connection is where you hardwire a Sonos smart speaker (or a Sonos Boost repeater) to your business Internet network. Only one device needs to be wired into your router or network point to launch a reliable mesh network on a separate wireless channel.


This means that your speakers don’t have to talk to the WiFi router directly, but rather can connect reliably through any nearby Sonos smart speaker. This increases the range of your Sonos system, and frees up the standard WiFi for your guests, customers or colleagues and ensures that you’ve got great connectivity no matter how large your business or how many WiFi devices you use.



1. Wired setup (also known as mesh network setup)

In a wired setup, at least one of your Sonos products will stay wired to the router with an Ethernet cable to create a dedicated wireless network specifically for your Sonos system. Additionally, your Sonos products will be able to pass the wireless signal to other Sonos products, which means it’s possible for Sonos to operate in a room/space that is beyond the reach of your WiFi.



In this wired Sonos setup, a Sonos One is wired to the router with an Ethernet cable. The red lines show the wireless connections between the other Sonos products on the separate, dedicated Sonos wireless network.


When to use a wired setup

Use a wired setup if your business WiFi network is slow, unreliable, does not meet the Sonos system requirements, or does not reach all the rooms/spaces where you want Sonos.



2. Wireless setup

In a wireless setup, your Sonos products connect to your business’s WiFi network, just like other wireless devices in your venue (smartphones, tablets, computers, cash registers, security cameras, etc.).



In this wireless Sonos setup, the blue lines show how each wireless device (including Sonos) connects directly to the router’s WiFi network.


When to use a wireless setup

Use a wireless setup if you have a strong WiFi connection that reaches all the rooms/spaces where you want Sonos.



3. Switching from a wireless to a wired setup

Connecting one of your Sonos products to your router with an Ethernet cable will put your system into a wired setup. In a wired setup, the wired product will broadcast a dedicated wireless network that your Sonos products will use. Surround speakers or Sub cannot be used as the single wired product.

  1. Make sure that the product you plan to wire to the router has already been added to your Sonos system. If the product is brand new, add it to your system first using the steps in our article on adding new products to existing systems.
  2. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your Sonos product, then connect the other end to your router. You should hear a “click” when it is fully connected to the Ethernet port.

  3. Some of your products may disappear from the Sonos app as they connect to the newly created Sonos network. Wait about one minute for all your products to appear in the Rooms tab. If any of your products do not reappear in the Sonos app, reboot each missing product, and wait an additional minute for them to power on and connect to the Sonos wireless network.

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