Audio playback stops or skips on Sonos systems Audio playback stops or skips on Sonos systems

Audio playback stops or skips on Sonos systems

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz

Skipping or stopping behaviour could happen on Sonos systems.

Please refer to the Sonos articles such as:

Sonos team recommends the following:

  1. Check your Internet connection speed

    If your Internet connection slows significantly, the speed at which Sonos is able to stream from an online music service may be reduced, resulting in audio skipping or other interruptions. Try loading webpages and videos, preferably from a wired computer or laptop that is connected to the same network as Sonos, to make sure your Internet connection is working properly. If you notice unusually slow Internet speeds, please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

  2. Take steps to reduce wireless interference

    Your Sonos products may be having difficulty communicating wirelessly with one another or your router, which can oftentimes be alleviated by changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is operating on. Wireless environments have the potential to become congested with many devices using the same air space, and changing the wireless channel can clear up these issues. Read more about how to change the wireless channel and other steps for reducing wireless interference in our article: Changing the wireless channel.

Contact Sonos for further help

If you continue to experience issues after following the above steps, refer to the Contact Customer Care section of Sonos website.

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