Unstable audio playback Unstable audio playback

Unstable audio playback

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz


To play the Soundsuit Stream smoothly 8-24 hours per day with 256kbps MP3 quality, a strong and stable internet connection is absolutely necessary.

Our technical team recommend the following:

a) Ensure an proper Internet infrastructure in your business

b) Set priorities for your Internet access

Please prioritize Internet access for the device you use to play Soundsuit, as well as for Soundsuit itself as application.

In your router (e.g. Netgear, Fritzbox, etc.) you can specify which network devices and applications are preferred or disadvantaged when accessing the Internet connection. Such prioritization of applications is also referred to as Quality of Service (QoS).

Here is the information that you need for Soundsuit as an application:

Server / IP address:
TCP Port: 443

For more information, please contact your IT service provider or the manufacturer of your Internet router. And read our article Prioritize Internet access for important network devices and applications.

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