Audio playback stops on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) Audio playback stops on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet)

Audio playback stops on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet)

Phillipp Schwarz Phillipp Schwarz

If the music stops from time to time (e.g. every 15, 30 minutes, or 2 hours), it could be due to various causes. In this section we have created a small overview with common causes and the appropriate solutions:


1) Latest version of the Soundsuit App

Make sure you have the latest version of the Soundsuit app installed.

Please download and use our mobile app, that we will find on Apple App Store or on Google Play Store. You should also check whether your device meets the system requirements indicated on the App Stores for optimal use of our Soundsuit app.

Please avoid using our web player in the browser on a tablet or a smartphone. Prefer downloading our mobile app!

If you were using a laptop or a desktop computer and not a mobile device: please download and use our desktop apps (for Mac and Windows).


2) Restart your device

Restart your smartphone or tablet, and please check the internet connection. For many users, a simple restart of their mobile device often helps and after that you won’t have the problem for many weeks.


3) Firewall or antivirus

Another thing you could check is that your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking Soundsuit in any way. 


4) Battery consumption

On your smartphone or a tablet, you should switch off the “Optimize battery consumption” function in the battery settings or energy saving settings. Based on multiple studies, the function – when activated – may cause music apps like Spotify or Soundsuit to stop after a few seconds or minutes and pause playback.

On an iPhone or iPad:
Go to Phone Settings -> Battery -> Low power mode -> disable the toggle button so that it is turned to the grey colour.


5) Keep the Soundsuit app running in the background on your device

Please make sure that the Soundsuit app is allowed to run in background.

On an iPhone or iPad:
Go to Settings App -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Set the option for the system to "On". Then you can turn on/off by app. Make sure that the Soundsuit app is also turned "On".


6) Keep your device from switching automatically to sleeping mode

When your smartphone or tablet switches automatically to the sleeping mode, it will stop any ongoing music/audio playback. To avoid this situation, and keep the Soundsuit music stream playing for hours, simply deactivate the automatic "Sleeping mode" or "Auto-Lock" of your device.

On an iPhone or iPad:
Go to Phone Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock -> select "Never".


7) Check the connections with your speakers

Check the bluetooth connection (if you connect your mobile device to Bluetooth speakers to stream Soundsuit): does the connection to the bluetooth speaker keep breaking? We always recommend a stereo cable connection over a wireless connection through Bluetooth. The connection via Sonos wireless technology (Wifi-based) is also much more stable than a Bluetooth connection. The connection through Apple AirPlay 2 (for iOS devices) or Google Chromecast (for Android devices) is often better than bluetooth, but may not be sufficient for a business/commercial use-case (10-16 hour of continuous music streaming per day, 365 days a year).


8) Opt for a dedicated - commercial grade - streaming device

If you want to secure a highly stable and reliable connection for Soundsuit music stream, i.e. a connection fully independent from other apps on your mobile device, as well as not dependent on the Wifi potential interference or performance, we would recommend you to buy a dedicated media/streaming player.

You connect this media player directly to your sound system (using an RCA cable) and to the Internet (using an Ethernet cable). The media player will be uniquely dedicated to one task: streaming Soundsuit music in HD quality, with hight dependability.

This media player features an advanced buffering system against short internet interruptions, as well as a full fallback playlist in case of longer Internet interruption. Sound quality is also top notch and can stream HD music format to high-end compatible sound systems.




Your smartphone or tablet will then only be used as a configurator to set up your personalized Soundsuit music (e.g. mood, genres, target groups, etc.), but no longer to stream the music directly. The Soundsuit Player will be the streaming device, not your smartphone or tablet.

Find more detailed information about the Soundsuit Streaming and Media Player here.



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