With one Soundsuit account, you can only play one type of music (i.e. one Soundsuit music stream) at the same time, in one specific music zone. Except with Sonos speakers.

If you own a Sonos system in your business venue, you can play in one Soundsuit account, the different personalised "Music Mood" associated with your account, in different music zones, using the multi-rooms function of Sonos.

When you play Soundsuit on your device, having one Soundsuit account, you can assess and play up to 7 custom music moods:

  • Calm
  • Chill
  • Lounge
  • Happy
  • Upbeat
  • Party
  • SmartMood

Each of these custom music moods belongs to your one account. Theses custom moods are built by Soundsuit technology and music experts based on your personal music settings, such as:

  • your business type
  • your target group (gender, age group, lifestyle)
  • your music genres


With the Sonos multi-room system, you can then use the Sonos app or Controller easily to set one customer mood to 1 particular music zone in your business.

You can in few clicks on your Sonos app allocate one of your Soundsuit custom moods to up to 7 music zones within your venue.

If you have multiple locations/venues, to repeat this several Soundsuit music in several music zones, you will need to subscribe one Soundsuit account per venue/location. Our pricing plan for companies or brands with multiple locations is named the "Pro Plan". We of course offer volume discount based on the number of locations you will subscribe. More details here: https://soundsuit.fm/pricing/



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