The "Music schedule" controls directly the music played on your Sonos speakers.


  • The "Music schedule" is directly saved from the Soundsuit app to the Soundsuit Cloud-server
  • The Sonos speakers "connect" with the cloud-server (not directly with the Soundsuit App)

The magic of this is that you can set up your "music schedule" (via the Soundsuit app) from your office or wherever you are, with no need of being present at your business location.

This is a clear benefit compared to the Sonos app itself, that needs to be in the same Wifi network as the speakers to be able to control the music.

So how to proceed in a nutshell:

1. In your Soundsuit App, create your "music schedule"

2. Add the Soundsuit music service to your Sonos App (see how here)

3. Select "Soundsuit" as a music source in your Sonos app, and in the list of "Moods" click on the "schedule" button.

4. Now Soundsuit music, as defined in your "music schedule", plays on your Sonos speakers. If you physically leave your business venue, the schedule will continue to drive the music atmosphere in your store. You do not need to have your Sonos or Soundsuit App open and connected to the Wifi of your venue.

5. If you want to add an automatic start and stop time for your Sonos speakers to play the Soundsuit music schedule, simply use the alarm function of your sonos system. Find how to do this here.





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